Finissage  R/Loom


Next Saturday is the finissage of R/Loom ’What Can Be Seen Between Light and Shadow’, a process-based exhibition by Yuko Yokota and Johna  Hansen, at Kunsthal vARTe.
During the past two point five months, we have been working on combining our fields of textile and architecture. 
The finissage takes place between 10-15 on 26th of August, and the address is Smedegade 35D, 6800 Varde, Denmark. We would be so happy to see you!

photo: Andreas Omvik

photo: Andreas Omvik
Yuko Yokota, b.1983 in Saitama, JP, works in various textile formats, and has a master in traditional weaving from Okinawa Graduate School of Art and Design in Japan. She is currently based in Saitama, JP.

Johna Hansen, b.1982 in Linköping, S/ DK, has a master in architecture, from the Royal Danish Academy of Arts, School of Architecture, and works within the field of performative installations, and based in Copenhagen, DK.

the project is supported by Danish Arts Foundation and the Danish Art Workshops

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